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    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Institutions and Research Fields
    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
    Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies
    Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency
    Nanosciences, New Materials and Technologies
    Biomedicine and Quality of Life
    Biodiversity, Bioresouces and Ecology
    Climate Changes, Risks and Natural Resources
    Astronomy, Space Research and Technologies
    Cultural-Historical Heritage and National Identity
    Man and Society
    Specialized and Supporting Units

    Enterprise Europe Network
    Enterprise Europe Network
    Enterprise Europe Network Bulgaria

    Links to Operational Programmes (OP) and Structural Funds
    General Information about the Operational Programmes and Structural Funds
    OP “Regional Development”
    OP “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy”
    OP “Environment”
    OP “Transport”
    OP “Human Resources Development”
    OP “Administrative Capacity”

    European Union (EU) Institutions
    European Union Portal
    European Commission
    European Parliament
    Council of the European Union
    Court of Justice of the European Union
    European Court of Auditors
    European Ombudsman
    European Data Protection Supervisor

    EU Financial Organs
    European Central Bank
    European Investment Bank
    European Investment Fund

    EU Consultative Bodies
    European Economic and Social Committee
    Committee of the Regions

    EU Publications
    Publications Office of the European Union

    EU Agencies /related to the Enterprise Europe Network Services/
    European Research Council Executive Agency /ERC/
    Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation /EACI/
    Research Executive Agency /REA/
    Trans-European Transport Network Executive Agency /TEN-T EA/
    Community Fishery Control Agency /CFCA/
    Community Plant Variety Office /CPVO/
    European Agency for Reconstruction /EAR/
    European Agency for Safety and Health at Work /EU-OSHA/
    European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders /FRONTEX/
    European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training /Cedefop/
    European Chemicals Agency /ECHA/
    European Environment Agency /EEA/
    European Food Safety Authority /EFSA/
    European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions /EUROFOUND/
    European Fundamental Rights Agency /FRA/
    European GNSS Supervisory Authority /GSA/
    European Joint Undertaking for ITER and Development of Fusion Energy /Fusion for Energy/
    European Network and Information Security Agency /ENISA/
    European Training Foundation /ETF/
    Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs) /OHIM/

    European Commission (EC) Information Links
    EC Policies
    SOLVIT Online Network for Effective Problem Solving in Europe
    SOLVIT Bulgaria
    Your Europe: Help and Advice on Life, Work and Travel in the EU
    Debate Europe
    European Small Business Portal
    Taxation and Customs Union /ТАRIC/
    Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid Directorate General
    Access to European Union Law
    European Union Legal Materials - ELLIS Publications
    Free Access to Business Opportunities - Tenders Electronic Daily
    Technical Assistance and Information Exchange - TAIEX
    Community Research and Development Information Service CORDIS
    Easy Financial and Accounting Management Tool
    Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission
    Bulgarian Site of the Seventh Framework Programme
    Trade Marks and Designs of the European Union
    European Patent Office
    European Intellectual Property Rights Helpdesk
    International Certificates of Excellence in Selected Areas of ICT
    European Committee for Standardization
    European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization

    Other Useful Links
    European Grants - Monitoring, Training and Assistance
    Worldwide Tax and Taxation Information
    Eurochambres - Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry
    HACCP Food Safety System
    World Intellectual Property Organization /WIPO/
    International Organization for Standardization

    Bulgarian Academy of Sciences


    Enterprise Europe Network




    Researchers' Night